Gillian’s masters from McGill University took her to Iqaluit to study community-based policy and planning in Nunavut. As Director of Policy and Planning with the Government of Nunavut, she travelled to most communities across all three regions of the territory, leading policy initiatives for Inuit culture and language, Elders and youth. Later as the lead for Nunavut’s Promise to Children and Youth, Gillian partnered with social workers, dancers and local artists to create a program for youth mental health, delivered through a hands-on cultural experience workshop. From her work in northern communities, Gillian respects cultural values and different world views, and understands the importance of listening to communities.

Now a project director at the University of British Columbia on a research team studying the health and development of children, Gillian is committed to partnering with schools, Aboriginal communities, and organizations to support cooperation around the well-being of children and families.

Gillian brings her strength in planning, creative thinking, and project management to Northern Counselling.