Kathleen Roach, MA Psych (cand), RPC

Kathleen Roach has been counselling and working with groups for over 30 years. She has a Diploma of Professional Counselling from VCCT, a BA (PSYCH) from Antioch University and is currently a Master's candidate. She has also completed training in Gestalt Therapy and courses in Crisis and Suicide Intervention.

Kathleen has counselled for the past 30 years but also worked in qualitative research applying her skill at counselling and knowledge of psychology in that field. She has a love of group work and a special talent for managing group dynamics, creating a comfortable and safe environment in which clients feel open and able to express themselves.

Kathleen has spent time visiting and working in the north and has a strong interest in the native populations around North America. She plans to continue both her studies and her work in that area.