Amie completed her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Therapy at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and her BA in Psychology and Linguistics at the University of New Brunswick. In her career, she has had varied experiences with diverse populations in remote areas.

Amie’s experiences include working as a Regional SLP for the Sahtu and Beaufort-Delta Regions in NWT out of the Inuvik Regional Hospital, across a spectrum of ages and disorders, honing her skills in the areas of FASD, developmental disorders and was a driving for in strengthening speech and language initiatives in the region. She actively fostered relationships with the communities she worked in, and garnered great respect for her expertise, compassion and understanding of the needs of each community she worked with. Furthermore, she was a lead researcher on a project exploring language norms in the Beaufort Delta, a project in the final stages of being submitted for publication.

Amie has also worked as an SLP treating and assessment clients in the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and Southern Labrador regions. She is responsible for improved FASD treatment and assessment initiatives in the region, and has presented at the regional conferences on the topics of FASD and Parkinson’s. She has also been an active advocate for end of life treatment options and furthering the accessibility and practice of SLP in her region.