Consulting Services

Drawing on our decades of experience, NCTS has established a Consulting Branch focused on Policy, Program Development, Research and Evaluation to complement our clinical and counselling services, providing our partners with the full spectrum of operational and strategic support focusing on mental health and wellness.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Whether you need advice to plan your evaluation, help interpreting your data, or a team to manage the entire evaluation process, NCTS can help. We:

  • Develop program evaluation and monitoring plans
  • Design tools to gather information, such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups.
  • Collect, analyze and interpret your data
  • Communicate the impact of your programs and services
  • Build monitoring and performance management frameworks and key performance indicators
  • Train staff or volunteers to carry out the research
  • Manage the research and evaluation process, end-to-end.


Policy Development, Program Design and Implementation

NCTS leverages decades of experience in human services in the north to help you design or improve your policies and services. We:

  • Analyze government legislation, regulations and policies and assess their impact on your work
  • Articulate your policy and service delivery objectives and priorities
  • Write internal policy directives and operations manuals
  • Develop service delivery guidelines and service standards
  • Build implementation and coordination plans to help facilitate change
  • Develop tools and train staff to implement improvements to your services
  • Assist in developing or improving wellness and mental health programs.


Community Development and Programming

Our team has extensive experience helping community and government organizations engage people and advocate for change. We:

  • Design and coordinate community consultations, forums, and other listening activities
  • Assess your organization’s partnerships and relations
  • Create community-relations strategies and activities to support your program, initiative or organization
  • Draft strategies and frameworks to advocate for your priorities
  • Assist in drafting business and funding proposals to secure resources for your project or initiative.


Strategic Planning and Organization Capacity Building

We work with governments, organizations and NGOs across the North to set clear organizational goals and strategies to achieve them, grounded in your reality. We:


  • Assess your organization’s human resource and financial capacity to deliver on its goals
  • Deliver a range of strategic planning activities, including planning workshops and retreats
  • Analyze your legal and operational environment to identify risks and opportunities to your organization
  • Align your governance and decision-making processes with your priorities
  • Develop change management strategies and training plans to guide your organization from where you are to where you want to be.


Areas of Expertise

  • Mental health and wellness
  • Broader social policy and programming (income assistance, employment services and career development, education and workforce development, family violence prevention)
  • Community Development and NGOs
  • Evaluation
  • Gender-based analysis and gender equality
  • Training and organization reform
  • Community Consultations.



An ongoing commitment to community collaboration, development and empowerment.

An ongoing commitment to help develop, support and evaluate initiatives and strategies that address mental health and wellness in the North.

We value collaboration and listening, and adopt a co-development approach to our work, working side-by-side with our partners to help realize their goals.

We use participatory methodologies and culturally sensitive approaches, and design inclusive processes to ensure the views of diverse stakeholders are represented.



We bring together a diverse team of professionals, including clinicians, former government executives, evaluation specialists, researchers and program and community development experts. All our staff and associates have strong Northern experience and expertise.

We operate using an Associate Model, giving us the flexibility to combine our policy, program, research, and clinical staff to provide the full range of skills and experience you need.

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