Created in 2011, Northern Counselling and Therapeutic Services (NCTS) is a community-based group of professionals with decades of combined clinical expertise and experience providing counselling services, psychological assessments, as well as consulting services in the areas of policy, program development, research and evaluation, across Northern regions.

NCTS develops and offers programs and services to meet the needs of individuals, groups, communities, businesses, government and private sector organizations in the areas of mental health and wellness in the North. Our unique approach ensures the mental wellbeing of community members, employees and families across Northern Canada.

NCTS believes in offering the best, cost-effective, culturally informed services to communities. We believe in multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches that help our clients to live healthy and productive lives.

Examples of services

NCTS works extensively with territorial governments, federal government, organizations and NGOs across the north. We offer crisis response, in-person counselling supports, clinical staff-fill in, and risk and safety assessments, as well as child, youth and family assessments, and psycho-educational presentations and trainings.

NCTS offers school-based services to Northern schools offering child and youth counselling, school and community in-services, staff workshops, consulting, capacity building, mentorship and training.

NCTS counsellors work with Health Canada’s Indian Residential School Survivors Northern Program, which addresses the historical and current trauma experienced by Inuit children, youth, families and communities as a result of the residential school legacy. NCTS Associates are contracted service provides for this program, providing assessments, counselling, and crisis intervention services throughout northern Canada.

NCTS has offered counselling and crisis response for Northern community events such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings; Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry; territorial gatherings related to mental health and suicide prevention; and coroner’s inquests.


NCTS understands that clinical counselling best practices in the North include collaboration, support and guidance from community. To this end, NCTS has formed partnerships with community-based organizations such as Ilisaqsivik Society in Clyde River, Nunavut (Ilisaqsivik.ca), one of Nunavut’s leading Inuit-centered non-profit organizations focused on community development, wellness programming, mental health, youth programming and Inuit-led research.

This valuable partnership ensures that NCTS is able to provide clinical and evidence-based services which are solidly grounded in culture and experience. Ongoing collaboration between NCTS and Ilisaqsivik includes knowledge exchange on clinical and traditional practices, the development of a holistic service delivery model for Inuit and non-Inuit unique to the North, training of Ilisaqsivik counsellors by NCTS, and cultural learning. Ilisaqsivik counsellors regularly provide clinical feedback, orientation and mentorship for NCTS counsellors and provide EAP services.  

NCTS and Ilisaqsivik successfully collaborate in providing core support services to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission program across Nunavut, the Indian Residential School Program for the Health Canada Northern Region, and the Government of Nunavut.  

NCTS is expanding these partnerships to other northern regions.


Clinical Services

NCTS develops and delivers a diverse array of mental health programs and clinical services to meet the needs of individuals, families, groups, communities, private and public sector...

Consulting Services

In addition to our clinical services, we provide consulting services on policy, program development, research and evaluation in the areas of mental health and wellness in the North...

NCTS Emergency Response Team

Contact NCTS for information on Emergency Response Counselling Services we provide in Northern communities at inquiries@northerncounselling.net or at our toll-free number 1 (800) 346-1589. Our services are holistic, culturally sensitive, and safe.

Our team will work to determine the intervention and deployment in a timely manner to ensure your community is supported, appropriate referrals are made, and after-care is in place, to maximize therapeutic impact and healing.

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